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learn to die
means learning to live

Do you want to end up in hell?

The point is: we only leave the body on earth. We take our condition with us to the other side. Although the spirit world supports each of us, it is like on earth: some people are mentally rigid and negative, holding on, refusing to open up, to expand, ignoring what could help them. Then there can be a kind of hell experience. 

Therefore, "learning to die" means learning to live vitally and curiously.

 To talk about dying and after
finding out about it helps
1. to avoid much suffering before the transition and
. 2. to arrive over there in a pleasant way.

The aim is,
to theDie Confidentto look forward to and thatFulfilling life potential.

In the long term I would like to enable you in an apprenticeship,
from mental and spiritual strength 
to leave the body
without physical aids and when the time is right.

There is one for most people
early, longer preparation required.

It stands on these 5 pillars:---->>>>

Dealing with these 5 areas

has a fulfilling, revitalizing effect - and makes you happy!

The first module takes place from14.10.-13.12.2023instead of.

Are you interested? Have a preliminary talk with me.


Let go.





Knowing about continuous transformation and renewal.

Dream new

to understand

Understanding the 

Personality expand

and stretch.

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